What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing or direct mailing is the process of selling products or receiving information by sending out offers directly to people’s mailbox and receiving a direct response back. Crafting powerful print mail can lead to a substantial amount of sales and information when handled properly. A great deal of sales, leads and information can be generated through direct mailing when utilizing effective tactics.

Mailing Lists

There are two ways that you can collect or obtain the physical addresses of people that will be more responsive to your offer. You can build your own opt-in mailing list through marketing campaigns or you can work with a professional company that has targeted curated lists that will help you better target your audience.

Companies that sell lists of physical addresses have already done the work for you, organizing all of them into specific niche based categories, allowing you to purchase lists with an audience that will be open to responding to your offer. Once you have the proper list, it’s all about crafting a great sales letter that can be sent out, and you can start generating responses almost immediately.

Cross Media Promotions

Another way that you can use direct-mail campaigns to your advantage is by using cross media promotions. On the Internet, this is typically referred to as cross-selling or multi channel marketing, but the same strategy applies with direct-mail. Instead of sending a simple sales letter, you can also market to them using QR codes to check out different offers by scanning this barcode with their smart phone. You can also provide links to websites that you own where you are selling similar products, helping you to increase your sales. Some people are simply conditioned to purchase online, and will not be comfortable sending you a physical check. This will allow you to make more sales by catering to the needs of these potential customers, helping you to make more money.

Very Little Competition

By combining both online marketing with direct marketing, you can start to overcome your competitors by selling more products through direct mail. You will likely be the only one sending out offers to mailboxes, and as a result, you can take advantage of people that are reading your sales material and not your competitors.

By taking advantage of cross media promotions, and the fact that so few people are using this marketing technique in a world that is geared toward online marketing, you will have an advantage over your competitors by simply mailing out offers.

Please contact us for more information on how to do direct mailing, as well as how we can make getting started very easy and affordable. Regardless of what you sell or what information you are collecting, you can get more responses by harnessing the power of professional direct mailing campaigns.